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Ipso facto, any point below the mid-point towards the X-axis will show inelastic demand. In when it returned to India following the adoption of policy of liberalisation. On the contrary, if the demand for a commodity is perfectly elastic, the imposition of the tax on it will not cause any rise in price and, therefore, the whole burden of the tax will be borne by the manufacturers or sellers. Of course, to share the benefits of increasing national income firms currently producing products with low income elasticity would try to enter the industries demand for whose products is highly income elastic as this would ensure better growth opportunities. So, using data collected from 26 supermarkets around the country for the month of April and…. Similarly, elasticity at other points of the demand curve DD will be found to be different. In the above diagram, the initial total revenue is area A plus area B and the new total revenue is area B plus area C.
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Tax, Elasticity and Revenue Model Answer for AQA Unit 1 Question Paper Jan 2013

Importance of the Price Elasticity of Demand: The concept of price elasticity of demand and total revenue essay of demand plays a crucial role in the pricing decisions of the business firms and the Government when it regulates prices. Importance in Fiscal Policy: The elasticity of demand is also of great significance in the field of fiscal policy.

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As a result, its quantity masters degree dissertation increases from 80 units to units. For instance, the domestic demand for electricity being less elastic, the State Electricity Boards charge high rates.

Figure creative writing services near blue bell pa illustrates the relation between elasticity of demand and total expenditure on the DD1 demand curve.

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In the words of Prof. References Hoag, A. Income elasticity of demand is low when the demand for a commodity rises less than proportionate to the rise in the income.

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These actions are held illegal by Antitrust or anti- monopoly laws. When the demand curve touches the K-axis, elasticity is infinity. Substituting price elasticity of demand and total revenue essay values in the above formula we have: A glance at Fig.

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The demand for these products being inelastic, the quantity demanded does not fall very much and as a result the expenditure of the consumers on farm products increases, which raises the incomes of the agricultural class. They set a price PQ at which OQ quantity is exchanged.

Furthermore, if the sample sizes of the market surveys are small, the results may not be reliable as they may not be reflective of the actual markets for the goods. Part B Students simply need to explain the usefulness of the concepts of elasticity of demand to a firm that produces a fashionable product in terms of how they can aid the firm in making pricing and capacity decisions with reference to price elasticity of demand, cross elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand.

Therefore, when the change in price is quite large, say more than 10 percent, and then accurate measure of price elasticity of demand can be obtained by taking the average of original price and subsequent price as well as average of the original quantity and subsequent price elasticity of demand and total revenue essay as the basis of measurement of percentage changes in price and quantity.

Income Level: But this grouping of commodities depends upon the income level of a country.

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The data that are used to calculate elasticities of demand may be irrelevant dissertation marking sheet unreliable. On the other hand, if an increase in income leads to a fall in the demand for a commodity, its income elasticity coefficient Ey is negative.

The YED for smartphones is positive which means that they are a normal good. Application letter to apply for nursing school PED can be more useful than YED and XED to a firm that produces a fashionable product such as smartphones for making business decisions, its usefulness depends on several factors such as the objective of the firm.