Salt writing custom states, before you begin

The low state data is a dict and can be seen by executing the state. Also, in the image, it should be YAML not 'yalm'. Let me describe each line. This will return data about what changes would occur if the state were actually run. For example, the Saltstack mysql formula supplies a state mysql. Salt offers a variety of functions. This id, if provided, is set as application letter for training opportunity minion id in the Salt configuration file.
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The low state data is a dict and can be seen by executing the state.

Multiple SaltSSH versions

It is wise to be aware of these issues. Note that the Pillar templates are rendered first and then fed into the states templates together with the grains.

On the other hand some modules will require that the logic be placed in the state module, a good example of this is the file module.

Keyword Arguments Salt passes a number of keyword arguments to states when rendering them, including the environment, a unique identifier for the state, and more. The watcher function should accept all of the options that the normal state functions accept as they will be passed into the watcher function.


Here is a diagram: I omitted the details of the YAML parser final project for creative writing they're not phd creative writing online to get the point across. When packages are installed the package metadata needs to be refreshed, but refreshing the package metadata every time a package is installed is wasteful.

State Modules are the components that map to actual enforcement and management of Salt states. It contains a single parameter, spec, which specifies the command to invoke.

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This will return data about what changes would occur if the state were actually run. This makes the pkg state module completely generic, which is why there is only one pkg state module and many backend pkg execution modules.

Network automation

In the sections below, when the Brooklyn configuration is described, the underlying Salt academic writer needed is also noted briefly, for clarity for readers who know Salt. Multiple items are a part of the same list as a function of their having the same level of indentation.

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A watcher function typically is used to execute state specific reactive behavior, for instance, the watcher for the service module restarts the named service and makes it useful for the watcher to make the service react to changes in the environment. This refers to the name of the function inside the state module that we're going to execute.

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Salt offers a variety of functions. Salt requires that the indentation for each level consists of exactly two spaces. States are Easy to Write! The information passed to the SLS data structures will map directly to the states modules. If all exist, these will be applied by the restart effector.

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  • This module does not do any package management work, it just calls the pkg execution module.
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  • You can even easily create your own states!
  • Create a file named "webserver.

Pillar and the grains are used to determine which minions are subjected to which states and to parameterize the states themselves. Prefer to keep line lengths short use multiple lines as neededand end with punctuation e.

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These custom state modules can then be distributed in a number of ways. Formulas The formulas key provides the URLs for archives containing the Salt formulas that defined the required states. All states are passed through a templating system when they are initially read.

The watcher function also needs to return the same data that a normal state function returns. In the rare event that a state needs to write directly to disk, Unicode should be encoded to a string immediately before writing to disk.

In this example we're using the "pkg" state. salt writing custom states

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For example, the salt. One such example is in the pkgrepo. In this case, the top.

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Do not use tabs in your SLS files! By creating a set of Salt Formulas you can reliably reproduce any configuration over and over. Onto some examples: Ping all minions. Does anything need to change? A typical usage of the Salt entity might be to include a formula from the Saltstack repository, such as apache above, and another formula created by the blueprint author, with additional states, such as web site content for the apache server.

In the blueprint above, Brooklyn is instructed to apply the pillars defined in the pillars configuration key.

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Each of these directories has a file called top. Do all the passed parameters make sense and agree with each-other?

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